Products and Services Offered


Wood - Vinyl - Composite
Deck Repairs - Window and Door Trim - Wood Clapboard and Shake
Fascia, corner post, all repairs
Wood trim: exterior and interior
Vinyl exterior trim
Composite: decking and railing trim

Rain Gutter System:

Aluminum: K-style and half round, 5"-6", colors available
Copper: K-style 5"-6" 16oz to 18oz, half round 5"- 8" 16oz to 20oz
Lead Coated Copper: same as copper above
Zinc: same as copper above
Steel Zinc Coated: Half round - 24 gauge, 5"-6", colors available
Galvalume: half round - 5", 6", 8", 26 gauge
Rain Chains


European style gutter systems, fabricated gutters and troughs, snow bars and fences, custom drip edges, leaderheads, finials, cupolas, copper dormers, copper chimney caps
Exclusive: The Buckland System - Time tested rugged gutter installation, water tested, line leveled, all copper systems hand soldered and polished
Finest distributors: Petit Tool, Englert's, World Gutters, Berger


New installation and repairs of all kinds. Vinyl, wood, clapboard, shakes, and more
Vinyl siding, shutters, and accessories
Wood siding: clapboard and shakes. Wood shutters
Cement siding
House wraps
Rigid installation